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FIRST they lie to get you to sign up, They tell you will save money, they tell you that you can have the system removed for $499...its a lie! Second, it takes forever to get the work done, then they send people that neither care about your home of know anything about the system, Third if you ever have even a question be prepared to get the runaround and sit on hold for up to 40 mins!! my advice? DON'T DO IT! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!... Read more

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Vivint Solar - Awful customer service. Will lie to get you to sign with them.
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If I could, I would leave them a negative number of stars for review. In a nutshell: THEIR SERVICE IS SO BAD THEY REFUSE TO GIVE OUT THE FULL NAMES OF THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES OR THE SUPERVISORS IN CHARGE. They will bend over backwards to get you to sign with them but once you do, good luck. Every time you call customer service, it's at least an hour (only a few seconds to get to the salesperson trying to sell you their BS... Read more

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No service, no savings , the worst customer service i have ever experienced in over 50 years, you have been warned, i am surprised there is no class action lawsuit or is there, they think the public is ignorant, they *** you around every tie you contact them or need something. I thought the whole idea was to save us money, well you don't, they make all the money and you get nothing, They are set up to reply, the supervisor is in a meeting, you... Read more

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Worst company ever! Lied about savings, tore apart my floor joist installing wires, and snapped my phone line, and tried to hide it. Now I have a roof leak, and nobody shows up to look at it. Stay away from theses people!! I would do anything to get these crappy solar panels off my roof, and never deal with Vivint again!!

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Horrible!! Stay away. Made a mess of my joist drilling holes, cut my phone line, and tried to hide it. Saving NO MONEY!! Al you do is pay two bills instead of one. Mad at myself for falling for this; can't believe I'm stuck for 20 years. I hate this company so much, I can't even begin to express it!

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Have been paying more since having panels. After comparing bills my electric co charged .09 per kwh while vivint was charging us .11 kwh. Contacted several reps who cannot answer questions about how we are paying more. Going to contact local dept of public utilities ascwell as attorney general.

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So our sales guy said all the right things to hook us. "You will save money" "Your panels will produce all your power" "You will only pay what you use in natural gas to PG&E" Then the TRUE-UP bill came from PG&E. Once I did some searching on the contract, I found that any power that we use above the produced will come from basically PG&E at their cost. Our salesman (Tim) did not cover that at all. When I questioned him, he stated "we... Read more

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Vivint is sorry that there was a miscommunication between you and the sales representative. Vivint Solar tries to save people between 20 and 40% on their electric bills. There might have been some confusion in this situation as the solar panel system is designed to produce 80% of the customer’s electrical usage. If there are any questions involving savings, we encourage our customers to contact or 1-877-404-4129 to... Read more

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