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So our sales guy said all the right things to hook us. "You will save money" "Your panels will produce all your power" "You will only pay what you use in natural gas to PG&E" Then the TRUE-UP bill came from PG&E.

Once I did some searching on the contract, I found that any power that we use above the produced will come from basically PG&E at their cost. Our salesman (Tim) did not cover that at all. When I questioned him, he stated "we are still paying lower energy cost". With the TRUE-UP bill, and the bill from Vivent.

We are paying a more than before. Say the right thing BAIT. Don't tell you all the info.

SWITCH. I am seeking a lawyer to get out of this and will do everything in my power to talk anyone out of doing business with VIVENT.

jedidon wrote the review because of "lied durring sales pitch" at Vivint Solar. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $785 and wants Vivint Solar to issue a full refund.

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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my true up is 1k wtf...


Thats correct ! I have the same issue, tried getting them to install additional panels but all of the sudden they dont want to talk to me, why ?

.. Because they already did the install and I am no longer important to them..


I have had a very similar experience in Bakersfield. I just tried to talk a friend out of using them...but their salesmen are very convincing. I created a spreadsheet, with solar I paid almost $1,000 more this year...supposedly my usage went up 40%, even though we got a new HVAC, double pane windows, and had the home weatherized.....I would love to know if there was a way to sue.

to Anonymous #1158534

Same issue here in SoCal. Won't go into boring detail about how screwed up the 7 month install process was and just skip to costs and billing....

Typical prior billing for electricity through Edison averaged $120 - $150 except for peak Summer months of July - Oct which went as high as $300.

Have had panels live since Nov 2016, first two months, about $110, second, third months $200+, this month $350+. Numbers vs.

billed amounts don't add up. Zero support w/ horrible customer service = time to find legal remedy.

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